The Band:
Fayvor Love was formed early in 2003 when Serena and Fayvor broke from the stage to write and record their album \"Figure and Ground,\" released in November of that year. Joining them on bass is Fayvor's close friend and longtime musical collaborator Tomas Matza.

In their new album, Fayvor Love inquires into the nature of form, phrasing existential questions from within a pop framework. The result is an emotionally driven tour of musical symbology in the combinatorial spirit, hybridizing Fayvor's New-Wave attraction with Serena's Urban sensibilities.

No less organic than a product of the Information Age, Fayvor Love is hyper-aware of their multiple personalities and captivates audiences with their stylistic range and command of their references. Serena exudes a cool intensity that induces a rare sway in even the most rhythmically awkward, while Tomas's skillful phrasing mines the deep beats and Fayvor's poignant guitar threads create the backdrop for the lyrical allure of his colorful vocal strokes.