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Noise Pop with Kelley Stoltz
Saturday, Feb. 26, stage 8:30pm Cafe du Nord
Cafe du Nord with Chris Gallagher
Wednesday, Dec 1, door 9:30pm, stage 11pm
Figure & Ground Party at Cafe du Nord
Wednesday, June 9, door 8:30pm
Bottom of the Hill with Sanford Arms
Sunday, May 23, door 4pm, stage 6pm
The Elbo Room with Rana
Saturday, Apr. 17, door 9pm, stage 12am
Slim's with The Proclaimers
Wednesday, Apr. 7, door 7:30pm, stage 8pm
The Hotel Utah
Saturday, Mar. 20, door 8pm, stage 11pm
Noise Pop @ Thee Parkside
Saturday, Feb. 28, stage 6pm
Cafe du Nord
Monday, Feb. 23, stage 10pm
Thursday, Jan. 29, stage 8pm
The Makeout Room
Wednesday, Dec. 3, stage 10pm
The Great American Music Hall
Saturday, Nov. 29, stage 9pm
Monday, Oct. 27, stage 9pm

  • Rhapsody Music Service
    [Fayvor Love] specializes in creating moody setpieces with paranoid energy and literary smarts.

  • Performer Magazine, April 2004
    Imagine the disc Bryan Ferry as a seminary student would release, and you'd be close to describing Figure & Ground. Fayvor Love croons romantic, but chastely... He's crafted twelve tuneful songs, sung well in a distinctive voice.... Love's musical influences on this low-tech, no distortion production include Ferry himself, the Police, U2, and others of that era. He's backed up by double-jointed drummer Serena Ho and bassist Tomas Matza. Ho keeps tight time, propelling “16 Minutes to Paradise”... Two tracks that stand out after repeated listenings are “16 Minutes to Paradise” and “It Never Happened.” Smooth and passionate, “16 Minutes” features a catchy delay-heavy chorus and a vocal coda that sounds eerily like Erasure. The latter track, a strummed ballad of infidelity and denial, sports a nice tune and lyrical imagery... “Incompleteness {Interlude}” plays like a B-side from Synchronicity (“My essential self is undergoing radical revision” plus 11 other dense lines ending in –ion). Figure & Ground stands out for its songwriting and vocals...

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